Fashion Books
Posted on: September 8, 2015, by : Admin
Picture by Christin & Monica Ho

Hello and happy vintage & fashion book TUESDAY everyone!

If you require information on identifying vintage and understanding the history behind it there is so much to read about fashion that it’s almost impossible to pick “the best few” books illustrating the knowledge you need to know to reach expert status.
The true reality is that because time never stops, the “facts” about vintage which can be learned never stop, either. History is now and history is forever … and so is vintage style!

For a taste of vintage know-how, keep reading after the jump for 14 books that will wet your vintage fashion appetite … but thanks to a sea of information, will never completely satisfy it either, no matter how much you read!
A few of the books highlighted below are personal favorites, while still others were recommended to me and a few I just found in the shuffle of Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
So with that said, if I missed a book that must ABSOLUTELY be included on this list, please let me know!I know that many a vintage seller regularly tunes into my site (thank you!!) and will probably have a favorite book or two to share with the other vintage lovers here!