Q: What is vintage?

A: We consider items over three years old vintage. Our shop carries vintage clothing and accessories from the 1900s to the modern day designer past seasons, as well as previously owned contemporary “vintage-style” and/or classic pieces.

Q: Where do you find your items, and how to you choose them?

A: Our pieces come from a variety of sources including estate sales, auctions, consignment, thrift and second-hand shops, as well as family and friends. We choose pieces for their charm, beauty, originality, excellent construction, and/or adherence to contemporary trends.

Q: Have your pieces been cleaned?

A: All of our items are washed. In order to keep prices in check, we only dry clean garments that are noticeably soiled. All of our garments are steam-freshened. If you would like us to have a piece professionally cleaned before shipping, please let us know and we will make arrangements with you to do so.

Q: Does vintage mean used? What kind of condition can I expect my garment to be in?

A: Often, vintage clothing has been pre-worn. Occasionally, garments are unworn with tags and/or are unworn stock from department stores; these instances are noted. In either case, you should expect that a vintage garment may appear gently worn. All of our pieces are in excellent or very good condition; our criteria demands that each piece must be completely wearable. As vintage clothing is often 50+ years old, there may be a minor imperfection. Any visible flaws such as holes, tears, or stains are noted. If you receive a piece from us and notice an issue that has inadvertently escaped our attention, please let us know immediately. You will be fully refunded for an oversight on our part.

Q: I’m concerned about sizing; can I return an item if it doesn’t fit?

A: Shopping for clothes on-line can be difficult, especially when it comes to sizing. We understand this and do our very best to provide both an estimated contemporary size (vintage clothing sizing is often very different from contemporary sizing), as well as ample and specific measurements when required. Please contact us with any questions regarding sizing, and kindly look carefully at the measurements and check them against your own. If you receive the garment and it still doesn’t fit properly, you may return in within three days for store credit. If we inadvertently made a mistake in the measurements provided, we will promptly provide a full refund.

Q: I received my package, but it seems to have been damaged in transit. How should I proceed?

A.: Unfortunately, we are not able to offer refunds for packages that are damaged in transit, however, we are happy to buy insurance for a small fee.

Q: I am an International buyer. How long will it take to receive my package and what happens if it is lost in transit?

A: We find that USPS First Class International is the most cost-effective and reliable way to ship internationally. Typically, packages are received approximately ten to twelve business days (give or take a day or two) after shipping. If you have not received your package after fifteen business days, please let us know immediately. Unfortunately, we are not able to refund purchases that have been lost in transit.