A Sustainable Approach to Buying and Wearing Fashion

“I love that I’m breathing new life into something that was once discarded. I love being able to step back into time and bring a modern spin to it.” LibrarianChic is not only about looking fabulous and feeling gorgeous it is also about  a sustainable approach to buying and wearing fashion. There has already been enough fashion created and designed to be recycled and renewed. Most people don’t realize that approximately 40Kg of clothing per person in Australia is thrown away every year, which amounts to about 10 percent of all the waste dumped. Waste has been defined as any product or substance that has no further use or value for the person or organisation that owns it. LibrarianChic understands that what may be discarded can have value ….to to be loved and adored forever.
Textile waste in our landfill contributes to the formation of leachate as it decomposes, and has the potential to contaminate groundwater. The decomposition of  beautiful organic fibres and yarn such as wool produces large amounts of ammonia as well as methane. Ammonia is highly toxic when released into our environments. Synthetic fibres can prolong the adverse effects of both leachate and gas production due to the length of time it takes for them to decay. Many waste facilities incinerate textile waste in large quantities, emitting organic substances such as dioxins, heavy metals, acidic gases and dust particles, which are all potentially harmful to both humans and the environment.
LibrarianChic is “timeless, catalogued, fashion”. Timeless meaning that it can sustain seasonal trends which wont cost the earth. Each piece is collected and catalogued according to a genre to help people interpret their own sense of style. We are constantly challenging the perception of fashion where individual garments  often crafted for just one appearance on the catwalk and designers using extravagant materials are prized for their creativity. LibrarianChic ensures the concept of reduce, re-use and recycle will catch on. We encourage people to sell their unworn discarded garments to us, and alternatively offer to buy back garments  from customers once they have served a purpose.