Month: June 2014

Vintage Clothing and Stepping Out In Style

As much as we love curling up with a good book on these cold winter days and nights, LibrarianChic recommends not spending the entire season in ones tracksuit pants. If one is going to step out in cooler conditions a skirt and jacket combination is a good option. And if the skirt has been inspired by a book even better, not to mention a skirt that expresses the titles of books that express some concepts of fashion- surely this approaches perfection!

So weather you are into “Cats in Hats” or “Fox in Socks” a Dr suess inspired skirt will float your boat, espeially if temed up with a vintage bodacious Christopher Palmer jacket. Alternatively if you are less into colour and more into texture, giant polks dots with 80s leather is a radical combination. Either way its all about classing with panache.