Month: March 2014

Conflict: Online Selling

Hi All. From time to time in between pop up shops, being a mum and history teacher extrodinare I manage to upload items to our web shop. I often get conflicted when doing this because it seems a shame to take the time to photograph and narrate items that then get sold personally the following week. I want to reach a wider audience and cater for people who cannot make the trip to shop and style personally with me here in our nations capital. It does make me ponder and I do want to do it all. I guess this is an apology also for those who do check into our web store and want a rich diverse shopping experience. Watch this space however as I will be making an effort in the comming weeks to streamline the whole process to make uploading and photographing much quicker which in turns means much more for you to shop online for. Love Mel.

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