Month: July 2012

Endleaves – such a strange name for a beginning

Endleaves, sometimes called endpapers, are blank leaves or sections sewn in at the beginning of a book.  LibrarianChic would like to use this “endleave” to not embellish, marbel or leave blank. This is a much anticipated project – to grow a fully resourced library of fashion that is timeless, catalogued and no late fees apply.


LibrarianChic is not indicative of the proffesion but more evocative of a personality type. LibrarianChic’s style is the envy of nearly every woman and the fantasy of nearly every man. It is classic yet modern, inured against trend, demure yet flirty and glasses are optional.


Those who dream about breathing new life into old threads will find our store continuing to grow and new products being added weekly.  We promise classic style, inspiring details and the possibility of a story in each item – woven into it’s very fabric.  Explore and find designer fashion from Paris, London and New York and potentially a vintage treasure or two from brands like Mary Quant, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Versace and Prada. There will also be vintage accesories, jewellery, homewares and collectables, along with fashion literature.

LibrarianChic will be an antidote to trashy modern garb.